A Spoonful of Sugar

Free Tickets

FREE Tickets Have you checked out the Wild Adventure Corn Maze in Idaho yet?? It is an incredible work of art celebrating 100 years of Boy Scouting and of course the beginning of Fall! Not to mention the fun for all ages...train rides, pumpkin patch, and the corn canon to name just a few of [...]

Detox Questionnaire

Would you benefit from a detox? Find out: Are you curious as to whether or not you would benefit from a detox/cleanse? Below is a questionnaire that will get you thinking and wondering no more. Dr. Bench can create a personal detox/cleanse program for you that will streamline with your chiropractic care and current medications/recommendations [...]

Headaches and H2O

Headaches and H2O For some people a headache is a life-altering event, but it does not have to be. Headaches do not have a one-size fit all cure. They have many causes. Some of the common ones would be vascular, muscle/tension, toxicity, and yes, dehydration. Chiropractic can have a profound change in the course of [...]

A New Year A New You

A New Year A New You As you contemplate your New Years resolutions or otherwise excuse to make a change :) --consider your health! Our office focuses on giving your body what it needs to fight disease and sickness, and more including weight loss! If you are feeling ill, or want to maintain your good [...]

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