What we Do!Cranial Work

Since about 75-80% of your nervous system is northward of your neck it is important to give it not only some credit, but a well deserved check up often. Cranial work has been used, in the United States, since the 1800’s, and is now becoming quite popular for a variety of issues. Cranial work is done by simply holding light pressure in the area of the head and face. This is NOT like your regular Chiropractic adjustment. The process involves evaluation of findings from all over the body, facial asymmetries, and neurologic function. Our Insight® scanner shows us what’s going on inside so we can begin healing. These factors are clinically correlated to the motion of individual bones in the cranium. Function and movement patterns are as different for each as are the parts of the brain they protect. When a cranial problem is found it will usually line up with a pattern of spinal and organ issues. These indicate the need for a cranial adjustment.

Dr. Bench, your Pediatric Chiropractor, uses soft and gentle techniques coupled with neuro-muscular testing to determine when, what, and where to focus during each visit. The bulk of hormone control comes from inside the head. Tension inside the cranial vault has been shown to produce some nasty headaches that after adjusting are improved quickly. Vision is not only controlled in the head but the optic nerves must pass through small openings in the bones to transmit impulses from the eyes. Muscular control of the eyes attach directly to the bones of the head and face and make controlling the eye difficult to do when the bones are in a non-neutral position. Our clinic has seen vision, headache, sleep, gut and hormonal changes just from working on the cranial bones. This is one of the most powerful areas of the nervous system to look into and the best to give some lasting results.

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