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Diagnostic Tech in Chiropractic: MyoVision

How Technology Helps with Proper Diagnosis Dr. Van Sickle shows how the MyoVision diagnostic tool helps assess areas of the skeletal system that need to be aligned. Before recommending a treatment plan, technology like this is used to give Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle a greater understanding of how to approach alignments or other [...]

Sciatica Relief with Chiropractic

Sciatica Relief with Chiropractic Sciatic pain is a common concern for expecting mothers. It can also affect men who strain the area around the sciatic nerve. Dr. Bench and guest, Maren, discuss chiropractic options for both men and women, along with solutions to help during pregnancy. Read more about other benefits of chiropractic care for [...]

Heartburn and Colic

Heartburn and Colic What does chiropractic have to do with acid reflux/heartburn and colic? Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle discuss the benefits of organ adjusting and possible dietary changes in restoring proper function.

What is CMRT?

What is CMRT? Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle discuss Chiropractic Manipulative Reflexive Technique (CMRT), which is more commonly referred to as organ adjusting. Discover more about the benefits of CMRT on our Organ Adjusting page.

Cranial Chiropractic Work

Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle connect the head with the rest of the body as they discuss the benefits of cranial work in the function of your whole nervous system and body. Cranial Work and it's benefits are also explained here.

Chiropractic Care for When You’re Sick

Feeling sick? Chiropractic can help! Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle discuss how chiropractic care isn't just about when joints feel out of place. When the common cold or other ailments are making you ill, there are several options with chiropractic that can help you get feeling well sooner.

Chiropractic Care for Expecting Mothers

Chiropractic Care for Expecting Mothers Dr. Bench and Dr. Van Sickle work with expecting mothers to help with everything from comfort during the pregnancy to re-alignment after delivery. Learn more about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor during and after your pregnancy, click here.

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