for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Constipation, ADHD, Seizures, Chronic Colds, Chronic Cough, Apraxia, Asthma, Depression, Speech Delays, Sleep Challenges and more.

The primary focus of a Pediatric Chiropractor is to find the root cause(s) of why a child is struggling. For Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and other neurological disorders, we look deep into the function of the Autonomic Nervous System in a way unlike any other profession. Additionally, we continually find that chronic gut and immune challenges like ear infections, allergies, asthma, and colic originate in the nervous system as well.

The best thing about Dr Bench being a certified PX Doc  is that we don’t promise to treat or cure any condition. What we do is promise to tap into your child’s God-given potential to heal, adapt, and thrive through every stage of life!

In a world filled with constant bad news, fear, and anxiety, we will be your source of good news, hope, and confidence.

pediatric family chiropractic careDr Bench is not just a skilled clinician, but a powerful educator and guide as well. Learn more about what we do and study  here-> Helpful Articles and downloadable Guides  These will constantly be updated so that your family has continuous access to the latest scientific research and helpful action steps thanks to!

If you want your entire family to be healthy, happy, and thriving from infancy to adulthood then we are here for you!

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Issues arising during childbirth can become bigger issues when left unchecked. The birthing process is both natural and traumatic at the same time. But what some people overlook is the fact that the child has just developed in a small space and might have had some movement issues either from intra-uterine constraints, misalignment problems of the mother or just being engaged in the birth canal for too long.

colic sleep feeding chiropractic careNormally children’s heads are supposed to be compressed and then “re-inflate” when they exit the birth canal. Sometimes the bones in the head do not fully extend into their proper position. This is an easy problem to be taken care of by a competent cranial practitioner. Dr. Bench uses a version of cranial work that matches the spinal and neurological complaints with the cranial. This is especially important in infants to allow the nervous system to develop without hindrance.

Children chiropractic care mood anger aggressionAs your child grows up and learns to walk, bumps and bruises are all part of the course. But some “head bonks” are worth having your Chiropractor look at. Kids are pretty resilient for the most part. They have to be or else they would not be able to make it through the teething and growing pains. Sometimes kids are not able to bounce back from accidents and falls without a little help. Cranial work combined with spinal and organ work allows the body/brain balance to come back online and begin the process of natural healing again.

Infants/Children and Chiropractic Spinal Adjusting

Birth can be a troublesome process. It is important to get your baby checked shortly after birth to allow muscle balance and nervous system function to be at their best. Babies grow so fast that days and weeks are like years of development time to adults. The neck is especially vulnerable during the earliest times of life.

learning behavior ADHD ODD ASD pediatric chiropractic careNeck traction, during birth, and car seats are some of the common causes of neck misalignments in little ones. These can lead to torticollis (muscle spasms in the neck), and back issues. Mom might notice problems being able to breast feed on both sides, or later in life the baby might not roll to both sides, and will begin to show preference. One of the big reasons that people take babies to the pediatrician is for irritability… What if that is how your baby is expressing a headache, or neck pain?

Think of what kind of pressure you are putting on a sore neck when you do things like carry the baby on their sore neck side, change their diaper, or force them into a rigid position for a long car ride.

cranial pediatric chiropractic care birth trauma We have seen, in this clinic, cases of children not making the developmental markers for sitting and crawling because the baby had pain in the low back and leg. In one case minor leg motion testing by Dr. Bench proved that even the slightest movement of the leg would cause the baby to scream out in pain. Gentle, targeted, baby-led adjustments re-align kiddos into their innate ability to heal themselves.

Why would my newborn/kiddo/teen need Chiro care?

  • stronger immune system to fight their new world
  • failure to thrive, missing milestones
  • birth trauma, helmet and breech care
  • less ‘growing pains’ & higher sports performance
  • colic, unexplained irritability, breastfeeding issues, sleeping problems
  • ADD, ADHD, Sensory issues, Autism
  • cranial bone restructuring for better growth

children chiropractic care