Pediatric Chiropractic FAQs

SOT ChiropractorAnswer: Our doc holds a certificate of proficiency in pediatric and family chiropractic care thru The Pediatric Experience from LIFE University. Dr Bench is also certified as an SOT® Methods Practitioner and Craniopath. SOT® Methods (Sacro Occipital Technic) is a whole body Chiropractic Technique from head to toe… literally. He guides the cranial bones and extremities to normal function plus everything in between. Part of SOT® Methods is a technique called, CMRT. Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique is the link between your bones and your organs.
This is one of our favorite questions to answer. Most believe that only older people go to the Chiropractor for pain or stiffness. But at Evolution we know that families are picking up the phone because something is interfering with their life in an overwhelming way so they seek out for other options. We believe the “Perfect Storm” is what creates all body dysfunction. From birth trauma to emotional trauma and physical trauma, little bodies need nervous system support. That’s where we come in. As a neuro-based chiropractor, our goal is to gently guide the nervous system back to optimal function so the functions can function!
One word: neuro-based care. Our team consistently trains on up to date research and techniques as well as staying up with nation-wide health trends. We work side by side with your other health care professionals for your benefit. We have catered our systems and physical space to allow all kiddos to feel happy, safe and cared for. Our interactive iPad floor is the kids’ favorite!
Read more in this amazing article. Essentially, our 3-part, completely safe, Insight® scanner reads what’s going on on the inside of the body and shows us how to begin care. Is the nervous system in fight and flight OR rest and heal? We can tell you with the scans AND begin care right away to effect it!
We listZen. Between our 2-part intake, full exam, 3 part scan and report, we’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for!
We have many videos and pics on our instagram page to show you how gentle and infant guided a baby adjustment is. See one here—-> IMG_8390 There is no twisting or cracking.