Organ Adjusting

Chiropractic Organ AdjustingOrgans are the things that make our body run. The brain is in control to tell it what to do, but what if the message never gets to its destination? What happens if the organ sends a message to the brain to inform about it status and operability, and the message is garbled or cut short?

Sometimes the intricate pathways of our bodies are like playing a long line game of telephone. In this way, the organ can be “functionally cut off.” It is like the one kid that is not playing nice with their friends. There are many reasons why an organ or system will have a functional issue… but simply put, if you know how to listen to symptoms, history, and presentation, they will point right to the main problem. For example, when your stomach is functionally not working you may feel heartburn or acid reflux long before ulcers ever show up, colon problems present like IBS or simple constipation issues, etc. WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW … is that every organ system has a specific referral pattern and a common symptoms list. Most of the pain patterns look like simple back, neck, or extremity pains. Recognizing the signs helps to streamline care and get to the root of your problem.

Dr. Bench has had extensive training in the areas of organ function, and organ adjusting. They are able to field a vast number of problems that don’t seem to go away with just adjusting the spine.
As with any other issue, organs can be easy and quick to take care of, or may take some time to resolve depending on your individual situation. Organ work provides incredible results and lasting effects.

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