Pregnancy and Chiropractic

… is there more than just back pain?

pregnancy and children chiropractic carePregnancy is a complex thing. This simplified version is provided for ease of explanation only. Pregnancy starts with the re-regulation of the already intense hormonal cycle of the woman.

When the hormones change the body adapts to that change, as much as it can. Weight gain and a re-centering in gravity are expected. The pregnant belly is only one thing that gives back pain. It will tug and pull on the back making it more curved and less able to handle the daily stressors.Idaho Falls pregnancy chiropractic care

As pregnancy get further along a bigger problem presents itself. Relaxin, a hormone found in pregnant females when preparing to give birth, comes on the scene. Relaxin does just what the name implies, but not to the mom. Relaxin acts on the ligaments and helps the pelvis begin to stretch. Pelvic stability is directly related to the body’s ability to stand up straight, hold adjustments, and move the legs properly. If the pelvis becomes “too relaxed” the problem becomes one of gravity versus the upcoming mommy, and gravity always wins.

Idaho Falls pregnancy chiropractic care


Dr. Bench is one of four Chiropractors in the state trained in techniques to help stabilize the pelvis! This makes Evolution Chiropractic a perfect place for expecting women. The technique is gentle and safe for both mom and baby, and involves allowing the pelvis to return to a proper position without quick movements or twisting motions.

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How does Chiropractic help your unborn child?

Pregnancy stress on unborn effects

Excerpt from, full article here.

“While it would take an entire book to break down the exact neurodevelopmental and neurosensory issues that arise from this one thing, I’ll do my best to summarize it in this section.

Simply put, the bones of the skull, upper neck, and entire spine are vastly more important than most know. They are not just there for structure, they are there to house and protect the most important aspect of our health — the central and autonomic nervous system.

When these areas are physically injured and altered during the birth process, their function is altered from the very first moments of life on.

Those vital functions that this area is in charge of include:

  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for breastfeeding
  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for digestion
  • Control nerves and muscles responsible for draining fluid from the ears, sinuses, etc.
  • Control and regulate our immune system and inflammatory cascade
  • Control and regulate all sensory processing — eyes, auditory, smell, touch, etc.
  • Control and regulate our motor development, milestones, tone, balance, coordination, etc.
  • Control speech development and function
  • Control and regulate all initial brain communication and coordination — social, emotional, behavioral, memory, decision-making, etc.

What is the one crucial nerve that connects and tethers all those vital functions together? Something called the Vagus Nerve.

To simplify all of this for you, once that brainstem area is injured, it sets in motion a condition that truly will explain so many of your child’s struggles all in one place — dysautonomia.”

Benefits of Chiropractic /Organ Care during pregnancy:

  • Neural pathways are more clear and clean for growing the baby better
  • Mom is more structurally prepared for birth and after birth for quicker healing
  • Sciatica – find and fix the source, or keep the radiating pain in control
  • Low back pain – re-align pelvis, sacrum and lumbar’s to alleviate pain
  • Leg pain – reduce aches, cramps, RLS symptoms, and shooting pain
  • Pelvic instability – because of Relaxin, constant support will help with pain and discomfort
  • Organs work better: Skin – less rashes, itching, blemishes | Adrenal – less fatigue, headaches, hormonal surges |
    Intestinal – less constipation/diarrhea | Digestive – less heartburn, nausea; Lymph – less swelling, bulging, sickness
  • Better sleep
  • Options for labor inducing help
  • Options for Breech baby

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