Cranial Adjusting

Certified Craniopath care shows relief from cranium abnormalities, TMJ, headaches, vision, and hormone issues.
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pregnancy chiropractic

How can we help pregnant women and their babies before birth? Learn More

Pediatric Chiropractic

pediatric chiropractic

Our specialty is caring for children through their infancy, childhood, adolescence and teenage years. Learn More

Organ Adjusting

Organ adjusting chirporactic

CMRT Certified care shows relief from gut issues, toxicity, chronic illness and SPD. Learn More

“Dr. Bench is a great Doctor and I feel very comfortable letting him adjust my children. He has helped my daughter with chronic headaches!!!!! I would recommend him to anyone!”

Dr. Irma

Hands-down the best customer service we’ve ever received at a medical office. Clear and upfront scheduling, pricing and treatment AND I never feel like I’m wasting their time when I ask questions. We’ve noticed incredible improvements in our son’s health and we love the “team” approach to healing. If you have that nagging feeling that something’s not quite right for your kiddo- make an appointment. Thank you Dr. Bench and team!


Having visited many healthcare professionals in the past, I can confidently say that this chiropractor stands out among the rest. His warm and compassionate nature, along with his dedication to thoroughness and intelligence, creates a combination that is truly remarkable. Evolution Chiropractic is fortunate to have such a talented individual running their team, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.


I have been with Evolution for almost 12 years with a variety of concerns. Evolution has helped to keep my little ones healthy and active and as my kids have grown Evolution has helped with emotional regulation, athletic performance, and with their school passions.


“I feel better after every appointment! Dr. Bench can tell what is wrong through the tiniest detail. He’s like a body psychic! And the staff is so friendly and caring. I love this place!!”

Dr Bench Idaho Falls Chiropractor

Dr. Bench

Kids Deserve More!

We have designed our office and systems around you! Come see why we are the leading pediatric and pregnancy provider in Eastern Idaho.

Our office has been open in Idaho Falls since 2010 and our doc is a Certified Craniopath, Pediatric Certified and Internationally Certified in SOT® Methods. With the help of our incredible Insight® scanner we can get a pulse on what is going on in the inside. Is it acute? Chronic? Where is your nervous system at? Running fight or flight or rest and heal? Safe for newborns and pregnant woman alike, it gives us unique insight into how we can alleviate the brain-body disconnection and restore full potential!

Evolution Chiropractic has extensive training in:

We provide clear, simple care plans suited for those wanting answers and ready to invest in optimal health potential.

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Meet Our Team