A Spoonful of Sugar

Chiropractic: for so much more than pain!

Chiropractic care is necessary. It is a necessary part of a healthy, fuller life. Chiropractic is not just for pain. Pain is a byproduct of something wrong in the body. Pain relief doesn't mean the pain is "fixed." You can bandage and cover up pain with pain killers, surgery etc., but to have true relief, [...]

Health Insurance is You

Health Insurance is You! Health Insurance on your mind? While Evolution Chiropractic can't help you find health insurance we can equip you with your own health insurance - health, the natural way. We will be posting tips and suggestions on how YOU can take control of your own health instead of relying on others. Our [...]

Essential Oils

Essential Oils! We are so excited to start offering essential oils in our office!! We will have a limited inventory on hand -- BUT we have small samples of oils for sale for only $5 so you can try before you buy! Ask us how we can help alleviate symptoms right away by using essential oils!

Thanksgiving, Not Fakesgiving

Thanksgiving, NOT Fakesgiving! This year, let us take the opportunity to be truly thankful for what we have. Let us abound in good works and service. Not only should we be aware of what we have but what others might not have and try to fill those gaps. Our office will be closed Thursday and [...]

Time to Take Out the Garbage

Time To Take Out the Garbage I am always talking about the way that CSF flushes over the brain in a healthy nervous system. Well here it is explained, click here.

It’s the Only One You Got

It's the Only One You Got! When thinking about your body, the only one you will get in this life, take time to prevent dis-ease by caring for your body naturally. Exercise, diet and sleep will do that for you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The good news is: caring [...]

Surging Your Way into Sickness

Surging Your Way into Sickness What would happen if you plugged 10 appliances in one outlet and turned them all on at the same time? You'd blow a circuit, right! Well, the same thing could happen if you surge your 'nerve circuits' with too much STRESS... Picture your nerve system as an electrical outlet with [...]

Detox – Why the Hype?

DETOX! Why the Hype? The word has been swirling around for years, but what does it mean, how do you do it and why would anyone want to? What does it mean? If you detox, or if something detoxes your body, you do something to remove poisonous or harmful substances from your body. (http://dictionary.reverso.net) We [...]

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