Health Insurance is You!

Health Insurance on your mind?

While Evolution Chiropractic can’t help you find health insurance we can equip you with your own health insurance – health, the natural way.

We will be posting tips and suggestions on how YOU can take control of your own health instead of relying on others. Our overall big vision goal at Evolution Chiropractic is to empower the world with health. Teach YOU to take care of YOU! Stay tuned as we highlight our tried and true remedies and suggestions.


Worry less about “bringing sickness home” and more about strengthening everyone’s immune system. Living in a germ free bubble is not practical, so you might as well control what you can. Feed everyone whole clean foods. No artificials, or GMOs that the body is busy processing and eliminating instead of protecting and fighting sickness. Consume dark colored fruits and veggies (we do JuicePlus┬« gummies) which are full of antioxidants to fight foreigners. Exercise. We had a push up contest last night- keep it simple and make it fun. Chiropractic- this keeps the nerves turned on so immune system and other disease fighting systems are ready to fight and defend. Essential Oils (we do doTERRA┬« because they are pure therapeutic grade)– most scary sicknesses are viral. Oils can fight viruses and build strong cell walls to keep disease and other crud out! Consume high quality vitamins and supplements– vit. C/D, echinacea, ginger, garlic, etc. SLEEP. At least 6-7 hrs. It is when your body does the most fighting and fixing!

Don’t allow the, “I don’t have time/money” excuse keep you from trying things out the natural way. If you crunch the numbers, buying a bottle of full strength echinacea, chiro adjustment and melaleuca oil are a lot cheaper than $100 visit to the doc plus the prescription cost all on top of your insurance monthly premium and deductible to boot!

It can be seen as a leap of faith, perhaps a “norm” buster, but I promise, you will be happy you leaped! There is nothing more satisfying than to know you hold your families health and happiness in your own two hands. Not in the hands of what your insurance feels will help your family (as we all know they hold all the cards/money to your healthcare anyway Wink) You don’t have to wait until the doctor office opens or worry about medication side effects. Open your handbooks and advice and take care of your loved ones on your own time and dime.

As parents and caregivers, I feel we need to arm ourselves and our children with the ability to be strong and to fight sickness on its own. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being dependent on doctors, hospitals and medicine and insurance to dictate my health. It’s time for us to take our health into our own hands!!

DISCLAIMER: We do NOT suggest you stop or start a medication without proper consultation with your prescribing doctor- we are here to teach you health to improve your situation as it stands. Every BODY is different. Natural health is trial and error (good news is the side effects are not fatal or harmful, so try on!).