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Health Insurance is You

Health Insurance is You! Health Insurance on your mind? While Evolution Chiropractic can't help you find health insurance we can equip you with your own health insurance - health, the natural way. We will be posting tips and suggestions on how YOU can take control of your own health instead of relying on others. Our [...]

Evolution is Having a C.O.W.

Dr. Bench is having a C.O.W. August 22nd-26th! Our C.hiropractic O.pportunity W.eek will celebrate ‘BACK’ to School Health! What will be going on in the office? Sports/School Physicals Back Pack health Kindergarten Physicals Dr. Bench and Evolution Chiropractic will be giving back to a local school! 10%of all adjustments/physicals between Aug. 22-26 will be donated [...]

Surging Your Way into Sickness

Surging Your Way into Sickness What would happen if you plugged 10 appliances in one outlet and turned them all on at the same time? You'd blow a circuit, right! Well, the same thing could happen if you surge your 'nerve circuits' with too much STRESS... Picture your nerve system as an electrical outlet with [...]

Be the Best Brain You Can Be

Be the Best Brain You Can Be Sometimes we think of the neurology as either an accident or a blessing that, either way, we can’t control. Controlling how your brain functions is much like going to the gym and giving a heaping helping of WORK to the muscles.Want to know a secret? The brain needs [...]

Docs Thots – Detox

DOCS THOTS coming up Sept. 16th @6:30pm right here in our office! We will be answering questions about sure to fill out our 'Detox Questionnaire' found on our 'downloadable forms' tab of our website to see if you would benefit from one and bring it with you to discuss!

Docs Thots – Vertigo

Docs Thots coming up Sept. 2nd @ 6:30pm : Vertigo, Dizziness, and Headaches! What is it that creates those feelings of dizziness and vertigo...why do I have headaches connected to it? This and more! Click here to view our flier!

Who’s the Drunk?

Who's the Drunk Many people have issues that arise with the daily fight against gravity… Some have a bit more of an issue than others. This is usually referred to as vertigo. There are two main centers of control for the balance and posture of the body. The primary center is in the inner ear. [...]

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