Headaches and H2O

For some people a headache is a life-altering event, but it does not have to be. Headaches do not have a one-size fit all cure. They have many causes. Some of the common ones would be vascular, muscle/tension, toxicity, and yes, dehydration. Chiropractic can have a profound change in the course of a headache, but only if the headache is diagnosed properly! With that said the next sentence is vital to acknowledge. Drinking water is essential to keeping your body working properly. Some people don’t like drinking water plain, but I wonder if they have considered their dislike for water as compared to their dislike of what the headache does to their quality of life… sometimes you just have to take a minute and sip some cool refreshing hydration. Liquid H2O could very well be your best friend; especially for those who have frequent headaches.

Other causes of headaches that I see very commonly are the headaches caused by toxicity and organ dysfunction. If your body is full of crap… literally… you could get a serious headache. When you pass your ”headache causing pile” and your colon decides to work again the headache should pass (sluggish colons are common in dehydration fyi). The other common area of toxic build up is in your liver. The liver is like the kitchen sponge of your body. It is always cleaning up after your messes and almost never gets cleaned off or washed out. My motto is “If you take good care of your Liver, your Liver will take good care of you.” The liver is a complex organ regulating and playing a role in many physiological functions of your body. Some of the top players are the digestive system, the endocrine system, and the glycogen regulation system. Livers are notorious for headaches, back pain, and an overall “crumby feeling.” The hard thing is to be able to differentiate a dehydration headache from its toxic cousin. For that you should lean on the knowledge and training of your SOT trained Chiropractor.