Get Your Sweat On!

Attention Runners

Attention Runners! We had a great time playing traffic cop Saturday morning assisting runners reach the finish line at the FUN RUN hosted by Apple Athletic Club and Teton Running ...the new store in Idaho Falls on the corner of Hitt Rd. and Sunnyside Rd. As of late, us and Teton Running have created a [...]

Be the Best Brain You Can Be

Be the Best Brain You Can Be Sometimes we think of the neurology as either an accident or a blessing that, either way, we can’t control. Controlling how your brain functions is much like going to the gym and giving a heaping helping of WORK to the muscles.Want to know a secret? The brain needs [...]

A New Year A New You

A New Year A New You As you contemplate your New Years resolutions or otherwise excuse to make a change :) --consider your health! Our office focuses on giving your body what it needs to fight disease and sickness, and more including weight loss! If you are feeling ill, or want to maintain your good [...]

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