Your Mom Called…

…and she says to sit up straight!

Posture is important in the grand scheme of things… You can do yourself a great favor, and avoid the pain in the long run, when you practice good posture in your daily routine. Some signs that you might need to get yourself looked at are:

  1. Pain when trying to stand up straight
  2. Hands and fingers that “fall asleep” while doing yard work, computer work, and falling asleep during the nightly news
  3. Inability to do your Yoga positions with or without pain
  4. “Funny” shoe wear… ie. All the wear on the inside, or outside of the shoe could be a pelvic and/or postural issue
  5. Inability to sleep on both sides without neck pain

Posture is also important in keeping your spine free from fixations and troubles. If you walk with more weight on one foot than the other, your spine will compensate by building up the muscles on one side. This will lead to a one sided pull on your spine. Pulling from only one side will cause problems that your chiropractor can take care of in short order. More postural keys can be found in the following link. Consults are complimentary at Evolution Chiropractic… so bring yourself and your problems in… and Dr. Bench will decide if it is something we can treat.